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Working together to make a difference

Supporting teachers and their administrators in delivering high-impact mathematics instruction for ALL students.


Facilitating learning to build teacher confidence and skill in the things that matter most in mathematics teaching & learning


Working with individual teachers to hone their instructional craft


Helping districts, schools, and teachers build a rigorous, coherent K-12 Mathematics Program

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A Classroom Lecture

Consulting with Purpose

I have worked with educators and students for over 20 years to ensure that students, and their teachers, know they can be successful and learn mathematics deeply and flexibly. I work side-by-side with teachers as they hone their craft to provide high-quality mathematics education for ALL students. I enjoy
developing and delivering professional development,
coaching teachers and administrators,
creating and delivering educational initiatives (including STEM initiatives), and
guiding educators in analyzing and selecting rigorous mathematics curricula.
Together, we will create a customized plan of supports for your district, school, or classroom.

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